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Woman’s HC $45
Men’s HC $25
Boy’s HC $25
Girl’s HC $35

Color Services

Full Color $65
Retouch $50
$130 Full Highlight
$95 Partial Highlight $65-$85
Accent per foil $8
Toner/ Base Bump $25

Nova-Lash Extensions

Full Set $215
Fill $75
Mini Fill $50

Make up Applications

Bridal $80
Regular $65

Updo $55
Bridal Updo $75
Blow Dry $25
Curls $35

Conditioning Treatment $28
Pure Brazilian Smoothing $225+



Sustainability is the post-modern word for ethics – decisions that support a healthy economy, community and environment – altering our society & organizations so that we live within nature’s limits. Future generations depend on us to care for everything around us so they wont have to pay the price of our present-day actions, or worse inaction. NEUMA is a part of the solution – vetting every chemical, providing full ingredient disclosure, not hiding behind words like “fragrance”, using clean energy and green chemistry principles in manufacturing, reducing packaging and maximizing use of post-consumer recycled resources, using materials that are recyclable, designing packaging and marketing materials for reuse, and partnering with suppliers who use renewable energy and support fair trade. At NEUMA, we believe that organic raw materials, sustainable business practices and continuing membership as a global corporate citizen will make the difference in the long run. We’ve made the choice because like you, we think it’s the right thing to do.

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